Our Mission

PANAH is now constructing a Heart Centre on a 9 Kanal Piece of Land at Bahira town, so as it can expand its activities for a National/Global reach to take the task of prevention of Heart diseases & to establish itself on the lines of American Heart Association.

PANAH Heart House

1. Hospital

List # Details
a 300 Bed Hospital
b 5 X Operation Theater
c 4 X Angiography
d 1 x City Scan
e 1 X MRI
f 1 X CCU
g 1 X ICU
h 1 X Radiology
i 1 X Path Lab

2. Media Center

List # Details
a T.V Station
b FM Radio Station
c Print Media

3. Training Wing

List # Details
a Seminars Hall
b Rehabilitation and Preventive Training
c Advance Research Center

4. Administrative Block

5. Dr & Nursing Hostel and Accommodation