Raising of Tobacco issues
in Pakistan

According to a survey by an American company, Pakistan produces more than 13 million tonnes of tobacco annually, which is a growing indication of rising tobacco use in Pakistan. Tobacco use is one of the leading causes of heart diseases. In Pakistan, treatment of heart diseases is very expensive which is to increase the incidence of public health as well as government. In Pakistan, more than 400 people are going to death every day due to smoking. In other words, one person is leave in every three minutes and about 5000 people are going to hospitals every day due to this curse and living a painful life. PANAH seeker is doing everything possible to protect his countrymen from this debilitating disease.


PANAH request to the government to ensure the implementation of 10. Rs Surcharge on cigarettes pack and the full implementation of WHO's FCTC contract, which is an important requirement of the time, which could significantly reduce tobacco production. The growing trend of tobacco chefs in the new generation is a threat to the future. Increasing production of tobacco can significantly reduce the number of new smokers, especially children, which will help us secure the future of children, thus reducing the burden of illness and health on the country. Costs have already been reduced. The implementation of 10 Rs. of Surcharge on cigarette pack could also increase the government's annual revenue.


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