Raising of Tobacco issues
in Pakistan

Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH) was established to aware and educate general public about causation and spread of Heart Diseases. This association has also successfully trained and sensitized numerous people on saving lives of cardiac arrest victims by the process of resuscitation (CPR-BLS) and has generously helped and supported the less-privileged in affording expensive cardiac investigations and surgeries. The Heart Disease is a very common disease. It is not only expensive to diagnose and treat but also has a high fatality rate. It is often silent until it strikes therefore it is very necessary to identify the factors that put one at risk before it’s too late. There are many heart disease risk factors that can be controlled by making a certain change in one’s life style and eating/drinking habits. One of the controllable risk factors worth mentioning here is “smoking”.According to a survey, Pakistan produces more than 13 million tonnes of tobacco annually, which indicates the rising use of tobacco productsin our country particularly in youth. Tobacconot only causes different types of cancers but it is also one of the leading causes of heart diseases. More than 400 people die of smoking on daily basis and around 5000 people visit hospitals every day for seeking medical help for diseases caused by smoking.To prevent heart diseases from spreading, PANAH is making efforts to raise awareness and bring adequate attention towards use of tobacco products and its health hazards.


PANAH has made an appeal to the government to imposea health levy of Rs. 10 on a pack of cigarettes to decrease the consumption. PANAH believes that this health levy can significantly reduce tobacco production and consumption. The growing trend of tobacco use in the new generation is very alarming. Decreasing the production of tobacco can significantly reduce the number of new smokers, especially children, which will help us secure the future and health of children, thus reducing the burden of illness on the country. The Health Levy on cigarette packs will also increase the government's annual revenue which can be used on different health and sustainability projects.


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