Health Professionals demands for high taxes on SSBs

Session and Token Walk of PANAH dedicated Group of Health Professionals demands from Government to Impose higher taxation on non-essential items Sugar Sweetened Beverages #SSBs to Reduce Heart Diseases caused be consumption of Sugar Sweetened Beverages.

Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH) organised a world heart day walk in Press Club Islamabad.

PANAH Guests including Representative of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Pakistan Dr. Palitha Mahipala & Chairman Pakistan Sweet Homes Zamarud Khan.

They were accompanied by political leaders, human rights activists & people from diferent fileds of life.
Theme 2021 for World Heart Day was ‘Use Heart to Connect Every Heart’.

General Secretary PANAH Sanaullah Ghumman said life was not possible without a healthy heart.

“Heart diseases are the world’s number one killer. The main causes of heart disease include smoking, excessive consumption of sugar sweetened beverages, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity,”
Gen. Sec. PANAH, Sana Ullah Ghumman said that  more than 520 million people worldwide live with cardio-vascular diseases (CVD).
– Heart treatment is very expensive in order to prevent it,  he further emphasize that it is necessary to give up habits that cause heart disease.

PANAH World Heart Day


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