IDF Diabetes Atlas 10th edition

The 10th edition confirms that diabetes is one of the fastest growing global health emergencies of the 21st century


IDF Diabetes Atlas 10th edition
IDF Diabetes Atlas
10th edition

Diabetes is a major health issue that
has reached alarming levels. Today,
more than half a billion people are
living with diabetes worldwide.

The IDF Diabetes Atlas is an authoritative source
of evidence on the prevalence of diabetes, related
morbidity and mortality, as well as diabetes-related
health expenditures at global, regional and national
levels. The IDF Diabetes Atlas also introduces readers
to the pathophysiology of diabetes, its classification
and its diagnostic criteria. It presents the global
picture of diabetes for different types of diabetes
and populations and provides information on
specific actions that can be taken, such as proven
measures to prevent type 2 diabetes and best
management of all forms of diabetes to avoid
subsequent complications.