PANAH International conference on Prevention of Cardiovascular and Coronary Artery Diseases 2022

PANAH International conference on Prevention of Cardiovascular and Coronary Artery Diseases 2022


PANAH International conference on Prevention of CAD Diseases 2022
Booklet – PICCAD-TND 2022


Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH) was formed in
1984 in AFIC under the Patron-ship of the President of Pakistan
at that time. The main aim & purpose was to disseminate
information about ischemic Heart disease, its causes and
risk factors, their control & modification so as to prevent,
minimize and control the widely progressing cardiovascular
diseases and other non-communicable diseases. Another
important aim was to educate the general public and impart
training regarding recognition of Cardiac Arrest and to
immediately carry out CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)
to save the life at the site of occurrence of Heart Attack. The
association had also put in its good share in helping who
suffered in helping who suffered in the natural disasters that
struck the nation in past and also helping poor patients get
expensive cardiac investigations, angioplasty, stents and
cardiac surgery at various hospitals. PANAH also work closely
with policy makers, media, researchers and civil societies to
advocate for policies to reduce CAD. The President of Islamic
Republic of Pakistan, honorable Dr. Arif Ur Rehman Alvi is our
Patron-in-Chief PANAH.


The overall objectives of this conference are to provide a shared platform
to local and international researchers, academicians and policy makers to
share knowledge, promote research and formulate evidence-based policy
recommendations for Pakistan based on the global best practices. The
specific objectives are;
1. Provide platform for sharing of latest scientific evidence related to risk
factors, policy analysis and identifying gaps, global best practices, and
formulate recommendations for prevention of these Coronary Artery
Diseases (CAD).
2. Advocate and mobilize healthy food policy solutions and other
measures to reduce CAD in Pakistan.
3. Provide networking opportunity to students, national and international
researchers, academicians, policy makers, government representatives,
civil society and media for mutual learning and promotion of evidence based policy solutions for prevention and control of CAD.
4. The Multidisciplinary discussions and thought are expected to process
lead to a draft a combine commitment and action tracks to encounter
the growing burden of CAD. It will help to provide impact on policy
makers and stakeholders by understanding the true picture and
sensitivity of matter.


1. The latest evidence, research and knowledge around Coronary Artery
Diseases is disseminated and shared with participants.
2. An alumni of conference participants and speakers is developed
for continuous sharing of knowledge, related research and policy
3. The evidence-based recommendations for prevention and control of
CAD are formulated and shared with the policy makers.
4. The conference abstract book is published & disseminated. An online
library for sharing resources and publication on NCDs including CAD is
developed and functional.