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Role of Sugar-Sweetened Beverages in Increasing Non communicable Diseases in Pakistan

Introduction: Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) kill nearly 41 million people each year, equivalent to 71% of all deaths globally. NCDs disproportionately affect people in low and middle income countries where more than 3 quarters of the global NCDs deaths occur. With no exception to Pakistan, the burden of NCDs is on the rise. Excess sugar consumption is one of the major causes of obesity and its related NCDs. Sugar Sweetened Beverages (SSBs) are a significant source of intake of added sugar increasing risk of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, liver and kidney damage, heart disease, and some types of cancers. The evidence suggests that a decrease in the consumption of SSBs can reduce overweight and obesity and related NCDs. In this regard Pakistan National Heart Association in collaboration with Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetics Society, Student Nutritionists Club of Pakistan and other professional organizations have organized a blog competition. The purpose of the competition is to engage professional nutritionists, dietitians and students in raising public awareness about health harms of sugar sweetened beverages and strengthen policy support for reduction of its consumption.

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