Our Amazing Team

The PANAH Leader

Dr. Arif ur Rehman Alvi

President Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Patron In-Chief of PANAH

Maj Gen (R) Masud Ur Rehman Kiani ; HI(M);SI;T.Bt

Surgeon General Pakistan
President of PANAH

Sana Ullah Ghuman

Secretary General  & Director Operations of PANAH

Dr. Abdul Qayyum Awan

Senior Executive Vice President PANAH

Lt Gen (R) Azhar Rashid; HI(M)

Executive Vice President PANAH

Maj Gen (R) Ashur khan; HI(M)

Senior Vice President PANAH

Ijaz Akbar FCA

Vice President & Financial Affairs

Col. (R) Ijaz Ahmed Raffi

Vice President & Capacity Building

Prof. Dr. Wajid Ali

Vice President PANAH ,Research & Innovations

Dr Shahnaz Hamid Mian

Vice President & Global Relations

Afshan Tehseen Bajwa

Vice President PANAH & Policy Advocacy

Col.(R) Shakeel Ahmed Mirza

Vice President & Institutional  Linkages

Sqn Ldr (R) Ghulam Abbas

Vice President PANAH ,Communication & Management Affairs

Ch Aneel Ahsan

Joint Secretary 

Our Methodology

Since its inception, the association has used the available methods of mass communication and public education i.e. periodic walks in various cities, conventions, seminars, lectures, Medical & informative camps, rallies and use of print & electronic media. It has also published scores of books, booklets, pamphlets and hand bills for free distribution to general public. It also publishes periodicals containing material advocating its aims & purpose and information for control and modification of risk factors of coronary artery diseases. The association has also helped the needy at their door steps during the Calamities of Earthquake, floods and Swat displaced persons, worth Millions of Rupees by distributing ration, house hold items and through medical camps

Medical Camps
Free Treatments
CPR Trainings
Awareness Walk
Awareness Seminars

Success Stories

Help Heart Patient

Panah help the people to get their medical treatment and provide fund for operations.

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Heart Patient

PANAH help the people to get their medical treatment and provide fund for operations!

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Heart Patient Inspiring Story

Financial support to little girl who was a heart patient and his father was not able to pay expenses of heart surgery.

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Our Partners

Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation & Coordination

Hearts International Hospital

Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology & National Institute of Heart Diseases(AFIC & NIHD)

Riphah International University


Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH)
AFIC- NIHD, Rawalpindi
POST BOX NO 888 Rawalpindi




+92 51 9270642