The Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH) was founded in 1984 and isthe country’s leading organization providing financial, logistic and social support for treatment of congenital heart diseases in children.

In the past three years, through generous contributions from our members and other donors, we have facilitated treatment of over 500 children (mostly open-heart surgery). Alhamdulillah 99% of them are now growing up to their full potential and enjoying life.

However, there is a long waiting list of patients, belonging to non-affording families. Roughly each open-heart surgery (including investigations etc) cost’s around Rs. 7,00,000/- (Seven hundred thousand rupees).

This year, weare aimingto provide help to approximately 300 patients, costing around 210 Million rupees. This can only be possible with financial support of people like you.

To further highlight this cause and mobilize more support, we are organizing a FUNDRAISER on Saturday, 28th January 2023, at 5 PM, at the Blue Lagoon Hotel, Mall Road, Rawalpindi. There you will get complete updates about all children who have benefitted or waiting for their chance, guidance on how you can support the children, as well as directly meet with needy families to hear their stories.

Please join us at this FUNDRAISER along with your kind-hearted friends and families, to support us in bringing back the smiles on the faces of these 300 children. You have been supporting us in the past and we hope that you will support us even more, in making this happen. Please feel free to contact us, should you need more information about this effort.